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Kamling Enterprise is specialist in the design, build, refurbishment and upgrade of Server Room and Data Center. 

Fire System

We provide 2 hour fire rated fitting out to comply standard requirement from the Hong Kong Fire Services Department.

Electrical System

We calculate the power supply from the building and the power consumption of the Server Room, with the UPS system to ensure a safe, stable, secure, resilient and reliable power supply of the Server Room.

Air Conditioning System

We propose the suitable air conditioning system to support the Server Room operation base on the building facilities resources. 


Builder's Work

We design and built the fitting out of Server Room to ensure the Server Room is under the floor loading of the building.  We also provide water proof raise floor system, monitoring  & security system and all the necessary item to serve for a Data Center requirement. 


Hands Together

Rise Floor



Leak Detection

Monitoring System

Fire System

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