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A combination of Technology and

Engineering for a better life



Leaking Pipe

Water Leakage Detection

We offer the most advanced water leakage detection system to make sure your facility is free of water leakage.

Car Fuel

Oil & Fuel Leakage Detection

In the Oil and Fuel industry, the three top potential risk from hydrocarbon leakage are Frie, Explosion and Environmental Contamination. We provide solution in preventing these risks.

Metal Pipes

Refrigerant Leakage Detection

We offer portable refrigerant monitoring system, including combustible gas leak detector and ultrasonic leak detector, for inspection of gas leakage outside a refrigerant system. 


Leak Location Noise Logger

Noise detection is a recommended supplementary item for the stationary monitoring of water pipe networks to locate the leakage effectively.

Control Valve Testing2

Solenoid Valve & Pneumatic

Solenoid control valves are widely used in refrigeration and HVAC engineering projects.  We apply both hydraulic and pneumatic in our projects.

Mobile View

Monitoring System with SMS Notification

We provide customized remote access solution and use of mobile technology like SMS for real time fault monitoring and alarm notifications.


Automatic Irrigation System

As a automatic irrigation system provider, we believe it is our responsibility to develop products and technologies that use water efficiently.

Green Wall

Vertical Garden

Maximizing the use of garden space and disguising large wall. A vertical garden is a collection of natural plants or artificial plants grown on a wall, simulating a natural cliff situation.

Foot of Baby Boy on Floor

Floor Heating System

We provide interior design for intelligent floor heating system to maintain an evenly warm and dehumidify room condition for comfortable and healthy living area.


Server Room

We are experienced turnkey solution provider for Server Room and Private renovation, or maintenance services.


We offer



Kamling Group was established in Hong Kong since 1991, a solution provider of combination of technology and engineering including Leakage Detection System, Environmental Monitoring System, Vertical Garden with Irrigation System, Floor Heating System, etc.

We keep on exploring new technology to make our life more comfortable and environmental friendly.

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